• Item No.: CH170301
  • Item No.: CH170301
  • Item No.: CH170301
Item No.: CH170301Item No.: CH170301Item No.: CH170301

Item No.: CH170301

  • [ROTATING PROJECTOR COVERS LARGE AREA]This rotating projects have large coverage area. Perfect for creating indoor display in Christmas party and other festivals or occasions. FILMs can be changed.
  • [ENERGY-SAVING BULB] Enjoy artistic lighting and save money to boot. Each bulb contains four 1-wattage LEDs that use minimal energy, saving you money on electric bills and going out to purchase a disc
  • [SAFE ALTERNATIVE] Unlike fluorescent bulbs, these LED lights do not contain mercury and won't release any hazardous gases. As such, there's no need to worry if a bulb breaks or about having to recycl
  • [EASY TO USE] Featuring a standard E26/E27 base to fit most lighting fixtures, the LED Rotating Bulb can be easily installed in in any light fixture or lamp. Just screw and play.
  • Product description: Projection light bulb-CHANGABLE FILM

Product Name: Projection light bulb-CHANGABLE FILM

Material: ABS+PC


LED Lift time: 20000 Hours

Power Supply: 100-240V

Power Consumption:4.0W

Sensor Type: N/A

Active Distance: N/A

Sensor Angle: N/A

Installation Way: SCREW HEAD E27/E26

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