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Since 2004, LINCON and her predecessor company are focus on the energy saving products' parts.And 5 years later start to enlarge the products to home using low energy consumption and safety LIGHT series products such as LED lamp, low consumption solar light, and light accessories.

By consistently created value in the global commodity markets through production and trading, logistics optimization, LINCON has over hundreds business partners in worldwide with good cooperation.

LINCON is committed to being one of the best-in-class suppliers for house using ECO products.

LINCON seeks to attract and develop people who are team-workable and passionate about our business, and who demand ECO life and accountability.

LINCON's primary objective is delivering excellence in long-term performance for our customers and partners.

LINCON's value is integrity above all else and promote responsible participation in the global commodity markets.

The knowledge, dedication of LINCON team, and profound understanding of quality are the bedrock of our success.

LINCON believes success is achieved through exceptional competence, discipline and character, and through the balance of partnership collaboration with an abiding commitment to team.


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